Thursday, August 19, 2010

Web Developer

Core capabilities:
  • strong personal motivation
  • Self-directed learning, ability to learn new technologies quickly
  • Excellent team work
  • think creatively towards innovative user experiences
  • rapidly turn ideas into concrete software prototypes

  • Create UI prototypes based on interaction design, including UI wireframes, UI diagrams, and so on.
  • Make prototypes or mockups that are used in the user studies and usability tests.

  • Rich experience in web applications, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Familiar with Flash, WPF, etc.
  • Skilled in one or more general purpose languages such as PHP, C#, Java and C
  • Prior experience in Mobile App development
  • Familiar with the design process and popular design tools such as Visio, Photoshop and PowerPoint
  • Good English skills (comprehension, verbal and written)

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